Train the Trainer (AdA-International)

High-quality dual vocational education and training requires excellent company instructors who, in addition to having professional and personal competencies, possess occupational and work pedagogical knowledge, skills and abilities.

Dual VET - Vocational Education and Training in Germany

Through AHK examinations, the AHK ensures that the company instructors have such competencies and certifies accordingly. It organizes preparatory courses for examinations, e.g. with German education providers or local institutions.

The "AdA International – Vocational Trainer Qualification (AHK) - (Ausbildung der Ausbilder, AdA), which was developed by DIHK e.V., AHKs and IHKs, is based on the standards of the Trainer Aptitude Ordinance (Ausbildereignungsverordnung, AEVO).

At the same time, it enables considering the particularities of each country and contains a full and a basic version.

Before and during the training, it needs to be ensured that the prerequisites for successful dual vocational education and training are fulfilled by the training company.

For this, the company must be suitable as a training site and must provide appropriate premises. The specific place of training also must provide the chance to reproduce the work processes required for the apprenticeship profession and must provide the necessary technical equipment. 

In addition to the necessary occupational and work pedagogical aptitude, he/she must possess the integrity to impart knowledge, skills and abilities to apprentices without endangering their character or morale and have the relevant professional skills.

The required competences are outlined in four areas of activity which follow the structure of their training:

  1. Assess vocational training requirements and plan training
  2. Prepare training and participate in trainee recruitment
  3. Conduct training
  4. Conclude training

Trainer aptitude examination must include assignments from day-to-day practice in all areas of activity.

The examination comprises a written and a practical test. Trainers who pass the examination receive a certificate.