Senior Expert Service (SES)

Are you looking for practical help, new perspectives and individual coaching or advice? The Senior Expert Service (SES) is Germany’s leading volunteering organization for experts and executives who are either retired or taking some time off work (Weltdienst 30+). SES is supported by top business organizations in Germany and also receives funding from the German government.

SES has completed more than 60,000 international assignments since 1983.

It provides support around the globe, helping small and medium-sized businesses, public authorities, professional and business associations, social and medical facilities, and institutions which provide education or training.

About 12,000 experts are listed with the SES. They provide assistance in all industries and sectors, helping to solve technical, economic and organizational problems, delivering in-house training and coaching specialists in line with the German model of cooperative education.

SES offers rapid, affordable, practical, on-site support which is tailored to your needs. SES assignments last for an average of four to six weeks. The maximum duration is six months.


  1. Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
  2. Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
  3. German Industry and Cooperate Foundation

Main activity of the senior expert service (SES)

  • Providing coaching and guidance support in solving specific-requested technical or managerial challenges in your company or organization.

Profound knowledge for target groups like

  • Small and medium-size companies
  • Public administrations
  • Business promotion agencies
  • Chambers and trade associations
  • Social and healthcare institutions
  • Schools and vocational training institutes

Method of working with SES

  • The SES works on a demand-oriented basis thereby cooperating with the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana (AHK Ghana).
  • Through the AHK Ghana, the client sends a request for assignment which contains a detailed description of the problem to be solved.
  • The SES suggests a qualified expert. If the client agrees, the expert carries out the assignment.

Criteria for selecting Experts

  • Professional qualification with suitable experience
  • Foreign language skills
  • Availability and adaptability
  • Favorable Health conditions

Assignment criteria

  • Precise description of the task
  • No executive function
  • Training and further training of personnel
  • Solution of pressing problems
  • No transfer of protected know-how
  • No assignment in areas of high-tech, high-chem and armaments
  • Assignment duration: 3 weeks minimum up to 6 months (further assignments possible)

Cost implications

  • The client should incur the local costs like transport, boarding and accommodation.  
  • In exceptional cases, travel expenses and SES administrative cost can be covered by using public funds. Prior to the assignment, the financing is discussed in detail with either the AHK or the headquarters in Bonn, Germany.