Apprenticeship - Employment in Germany

AHK Ghana aspires to support young Ghanaians who want to work in Germany through its “Apprenticeship-employment in Germany” program. This program supports and exposes individuals to 50% in-company training and 50% VET school training in Germany.

Terms and Conditions:

Applicants should read carefully and take note of the following terms and conditions. These terms ONLY apply if you are selected following an interview session with the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana (AHK Ghana) and the German host company. Selected applicant will be obligated to.

  • Participate in an intensive 6-month German language class (up to B2 level). The German language course is sponsored by the AHK Ghana.
  • Participate in an intercultural training program beginning in December 2023 (also sponsored by AHK Ghana)
  • As a commitment, applicants are encouraged to sponsor their own transportation to the German class and training program at AHK Ghana office in Accra Central. This includes food or other items.
  • Irrespective of you being chosen by the German host company, full participation in both the German language class and training program is a requirement for signing the apprenticeship-employment contract.
  • The apprenticeship-employment program and forthcoming contracts will start in August / September 2024. Selected applicants will learn and work in a company in Germany (with approximately 20% of time in a German public TVET school for theory). - This normally lasts 3.5 years maximum.
  • Successful applicants may, after the apprenticeship-employment duration in Germany, be offered with a work contract by the host German company. However, it cannot be guaranteed.
  • Successful applicants have the right to decide whether they would want to continue working with the German company after the apprenticeship duration in Germany.