Competence Centre Energy and Environment

Unearth the wealth of investment opportunities in Ghana and West Africa and learn how Competence Centre for Energy & Environment can support you in scaling the impact of sustainable energy solutions and pioneering environmental technologies in the solar, wind, bioenergy, waste management, water and energy efficiency sectors.

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We are committed to building a more sustainable future and to achieve this, we offer advice and support services to German and West African companies looking to expand their business through; 

  1. High-value market studies, trade information and sector reports.
  2. Private and public stakeholder consultation on projects in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency with up-to-date information on sector initiatives.
  3. Facilitating fact-finding missions and delegation trips from Germany to Ghana as well as business trips from Ghana to Germany in the framework of the “Energy Export Initiative”.
  4. Support in assessing and identifying potential business partners and clients.
  5. Organising and facilitating capacity building workshops, seminars, stakeholder conferences and B2B meetings.

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