Competence Centres

Our Competence Centres are dedicated hubs for German, Ghanaian, European and West African business partners seeking specialized information and market entry support.

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The Competence Centres closely monitor selected markets and build expertise in their respective industries, provide information on latest technologies and innovations, facilitate stakeholder dialogues and maintain up-to-date contact databases to promote the development of their focus sectors.

Our Competence Centres are based in Ghana while responding to market demands and trends in the entire West African sub-region. The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana (AHK Ghana) currently hosts the following Competence Centres:

  • Competence Centre Energy and Environment : focusing on market development in green technologies, circular economy, recycling and waste management, water, renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Competence Centre Private Sector Development : argeting linkages in value and supply chains and promoting an enabling business environment across sectors
  • Competence Centre Skills Development – Promoting technical and vocational education and training with emphasis on implementing elements of the German dual vocational training system